Water and Sewer


Lisbon Water/Sewer Department



Water and Sewer Bills go out three times a year.  The meters are read approximately every 16 weeks.  You may pay your bill on line, via the mail, or at the Town Clerk/Tax Collectors office.


Water Flat Rate – $53.33 per unit          10,590 @ $6.7500/1000

Sewer Flat Rate – $64.00 per unit          10,590 gallons @ $7.9600/1000


Water Consumer Confidence Report 2019

Please review the What’s Flushable link below.  We have had a number of issues recently,  all of which have been traced back to baby wipes plugging the system.  We appreciate your help with this. 

What’s Flushable

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information