Town Clerk

All Town Clerks are elected (City Clerks are appointed by City Council) and must live within the town in which they serve.The Town Clerk appoints the Deputy Town Clerk and the appointment is subject to approval of the Selectmen.
The Deputy must also be a resident of the town and able to perform all the duties of the Town Clerk. While most people are familiar with the fact that the Town Clerk is responsible for vehicle registration, there are other duties and functions that are not as well known.These responsibilities are many and varied and are governed by State of New Hampshire RSA’s and Administrative Rules. They also require direct interaction with many of the Town’s Departments, Boards, and Commissions.
As an elected official “Town Clerk” it is my responsibility to provide vital and public services to all in a fair and impartial manner and to carry out the mandates of the law. More specifically, the Town Clerk is the chief election official, is responsible for keeping all town records, certifying actions of the Selectmen and other town officials, making official reports, collecting fees, carrying out specific mandated laws

Primary Responsibilities and Duties

  • The following is a partial list of specific job duties that are performed on a regular basis (in no particular format of importance):
  • Serve as Municipal Agent for the State – issue registrations, titles, plates and decals and corresponding reports for same. Accountable for all plates, decals, registrations, title applications as well as the official state validation stamps.
  • Balance and deposit State monies daily, state work also must be mailed out daily.
  • Supervise Deputy Town Clerk – continue to provide training.
  • Responds to inquiries from the general public along with continuous public relations.
  • Balance, deposit and report town monies daily/monthly to the Treasurer and Financial Officer.
  • Record, file and collect fees regarding Articles of Agreement.
  • Active in legislation changes and court cases that affects the Office of the Town Clerk and also testify when necessary.
  • Review, process and record Petition and Pole Licenses and bill as needed.
  • Complete searches of Federal Tax Liens.
  • Receives service of writs of action against the town.
  • Administrator Oath of Office to elected and appointed officials.
  • Provides Notary Service for the public.
  • Verify and document residency for new residents.
  • Maintain Town Clerk Seal and Town Seal.
  • Process Department of Environmental Services Wetlands Applications. Notify Conservation Commission as needed.
  • Order supplies and monitor inventory for dog licensing, motor vehicle, vital records, and transfer station permits, DES Applications.
  • Follow the required State Retention Schedule for all records.
  • Prepare departmental budget & present to selectmen.
  • Accounts of the Town Clerk are audited on a regular schedule, determined by the state agency themselves also by the Town’s Auditors yearly.

Dog Licensing

  • Maintain dog database and process dog licenses.
  • Prepare and mail reminder post cards to dog owners for licensing by April 30th.
  • Prepare and mail reminders to new dog owners of the State requirement to license their dog(s).
  • Reconcile with the State Animal Population Control Program yearly and submit payment due for dog licenses processed.
  • Produce a yearly-unlicensed dog warrant for the Board of Selectmen signatures and then submit to the Police Department.
  • Collect fees for and issue dog licenses as well as collect late fees and civil forfeiture fees for unlicensed dogs.

Vital Records

  • Reconcile with the State Vital Records monthly and submit payment due to the State of NH for vital records processed.
  • Issue marriage and civil union licenses.
  • Record and provide certified copies of vital records (birth, death, divorce, marriage and civil union).
  • Conduct Vital Record searches as requested either by mail or in person.
  • Aids the public in performing genealogy searches.
  • Maintain all burial transit permits.


  • Accept voter registrations forms requests, verifying all information, make copies and submit to the Supervisors for approval.
  • Serve as back up to update and maintain the Voter Registration System for the Supervisors of the Checklist as instructed.
  • Mail and track all absentee ballots for submission to voting machine on Election Day.
  • Responsible for all Political Calendar dates regarding Town, State and Federal Elections. These dates include and not limited to posting of checklist, publish notices in newspaper and throughout town, registration and filing deadlines for Town Offices, State Representatives, petition filings, warrant articles, etc.
  • Responsible in the compliance in regards to the posting of all documentation for each Election.
  • Receive and verify filings for State Representatives and Republication Conventions, mail to the Secretary of State daily.
  • Verify all petitions submitted to the Clerk’s office.
  • Receive and verify all Declaration of Candidacy forms for the Town.
  • Create Town Ballot and order printing ensuring that schedules are met. Along with any other supplies needed for the voting equipment.
  • Schedule and meet with Moderator and Assistant Moderator and others for counting of actual ballots.
  • Calculate and verify the results of the Election for the Moderator.
  • Responsible for reporting to the State all election results also advising the media the results on the night of the election.

Town Records

  • Custodian of all Town Records i.e., Town Ordinances, Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Oaths of Office, perambulations, etc.
  • Preservation of all Town Records ensuring that they do not deteriorate.
  • Maintain listing of the terms of all Town Elected & Appointed Officials, Commissions, Committees and Boards.
  • Responsible for recording and filing with the State the Town Meeting Minutes and certification of any action taken at meeting.
  • Receive and record all original warrants for Town Meetings.
  • Compile and prepare all town reports for binding as permanent records. Responsible for submitting annual reports and listing of Town Officials, Board Members, Commissions to State, County.
  • Certify paperwork as requested from the Selectmen’s office with Town Seal.
  • Compiling with State Record Retention guidelines.
  • Maintain minutes of all Boards.
  • Maintain a living record of all Town Meetings Minuets, Burial Permits and Deeds.


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