Recyclable Items

Each of the following has its own bin. If it’s not on the list, then you will need to call the Transfer Station.


OCC (Corrugated Cardboard)

Mixed paper- Everything that is not OCC

Glass Bottles Only – Gallon Size and Smaller – No China or non-glass materials

Tin and Cat Food Cans

Clear/Semi Clear Plastic Bottles #1PET Half Gallon or smaller – no plastic egg cartons or other containers

Mil Bottles#2Hdpe, Gallon Size and smaller or similar but no Arizona Tea Bottles

Aluminum Cans only, no aluminum pie plates or anything like them

Colored Bottles #2HDPE – Detergent Bottles, Plastic Coffee Containers etc.  and the like – no other plastic containers are accepted

Batteries of any kind

Propane Tanks – Empty


Leaves and Grass Clippings will be accepted at no charge


Concrete and Bricks will be accepted at no charge and put in their own pile.


We will accept C & D material from independent local contractors but will not accept material from large waste haulers or large construction companies. C&D is anything that will not fit in a trash bag.


There is no more brush burn pile at the transfer station and brush cannot be disposed of in the C & D Containers as Casella does not want it at the landfill.


Hazardous Waste is collected in Littleton annually in September


All Paint cans must be empty and dried. Plastic paint cans of any size will not be accepted –  they are trash


All Plastic Materials dropped off for recycling must be a #1 PET or #2HDPE. Symbols can be found on the bottom of the bottles




Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information