Oct. 10, 2014

  Today we continued to re-build the transmission of the water van. Waiting for a seal for completion on Monday. Delivered salvaged metal to Stockley ‘s.  Prepared site for the removed box of water van. As the frame is in very bad shape, we now plan to use as storage for wastewater parts. This should allow for a more organized water parts storage area as well. Reviewed and corrected list of water meter discrepancies.  Work on 2015 budget. Todd prepared site at cemetery for funeral on Saturday, which he will be present at to allow for closure of burial site.

For a direct line of communication to the shop please feel free to contact me in the following manner,

  Phone              838-2254

E-Mail             lisbonnhpw@roadrunner.com

Our  “normal” business hrs. are M-F 6:30-3:00

Or stop by.

Looking like a nice week-end for all to enjoy!


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information