Motor Vehicle FAQ

What is the town or city fee?

The Town or City permit fee for registration is based on the vehicle model year, the original factory list price of the vehicle, and the expiration date. For a new registration, the model year determines which tax rate ($18, 15, 12, 9, 6, or 3 dollars per $1,000 of original list price) is used to compute the City permit fee. For example, a new model year is charged $18 per thousand, a year old model is charged $15 per thousand, etc. The number of months for which a new vehicle will be registered is determined by either the vehicle owner’s month of birth or an assigned month if the owner is a business or lease company. Generally, a new vehicle cannot be registered for less than five months or more than sixteen months. The authority to charge this fee is stated in (RSA 261:153)

What is the state fee?

Generally, the State motor vehicle registration fees are calculated based upon weight. Motor vehicles that weigh between O and 3000 pounds are charged $31.20/year ($2.60/month); between 3,001 -5,000 pounds are charged $43.20/year ($3.60/ month); 5,001 -8,000 pounds are charged

$55.20/year ($4.6/month); and 8,001 – 73,280 pounds are charged $.96 per hundred pounds gross. The authority to charge this fee is stated in (RSA 261 :141).

What other fees apply?

Each registrant may be assessed additional local fees as outlined in (RSA 261 :153). Fees charged per municipality may vary.

When do I renew my registration?

Registrations are renewed usually during one’s birth month. At the municipal office you may renew vehicles up to four (4) months early and (12) months late depending on the policies of your local community. On Line you may register up to (2) months early and (4) months late. (Note: This may vary by town). Company or leased vehicles are assigned a renewal month-see current registration for expiration date.

Which types of vehicles can be renewed online?

In general, only the following types of vehicles may be renewed online:

     Passenger Vehicles

     Small Commercial Vehicles – including vans. pick-ups and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) up to 26000 lbs. Light Duty Trailers

     Motorcycles which have not been taken off the road

Examples of vehicles which CANNOT be renewed online include:

     All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)



     Taxis, Buses, and other “Livery” or “For Hire” vehicles

     Vehicles weighing 26001 pounds or more

     Semi-trailers with 6-year registrations

     Any vehicle class for which insurance or other documentation must be submitted at renewal.

If you own a vehicle which cannot be renewed online, you will have to come to your local municipal office

My address has changed since I last renewed my registration. Can I renew online?

Individuals and corporations are not permitted to renew online if their address has changed without notifying the Town in which the citizen resides along with the New Hampshire OMV. You must first come into the town/city office to prove residency with the proper identification* Individuals will then complete and submit a Record Change Request (DSMV 30) and Corporations will submit a Corporate Name/Address change (RDMV 324). The online registration documents are mailed to the current address on your current registration. The post office may not forward** your documents to any new address, instead; they will be returned to the Town/City Clerk’s office of City Tax Collector’s office.

*Residency requirements will vary according to different municipal standards. Per RSA 259:23 proof of residency may be required along with a valid New Hampshire registration, Town/City Clerk approval of residency letter, utility bill with postmark date and/or rental/lease agreement and something recently (within 30 days) mailed to you at your new address (must provide postmarked envelope). Proof for a Corporate name change might include a current utility bill, company letterhead, business card etc.

**Post Office forwarding- Even if you have filed a “forward order” with the US Postal Service, we do not recommend that you renew online.

Do NOT email your name or address change request!

You must go to your local municipal office.

My name has changed since I last renewed my registration. Can I renew on line?

Individuals and Corporations are not permitted to renew online if their name has changed. Individuals must appear at the OMV in Concord or any registration substation with a copy of legal documentation* and submit a Record Change Request (DSMV 30). Corporations must submit a Corporate Name/Address Change (RDMV 324) along with proof of changes to the Concord OMV. In addition, documentation of the official change must be submitted to the Secretary of State.

*Legal documentation might include a marriage certificate, civil union certificate, divorce decree etc.

I am temporarily living away from the address on my current registration. Can I still renew on line?

You may renew online if your mail will be accepted at the address on your current registration. If you need to have your registration mailed to a different address do not renew online.

I did not get a renewal notice in the mail. Can I still renew online?

Yes, you can renew your registration on line regardless of whether you received a renewal notice. Choose to renew by plate and enter your plate number, plate type and the last four of your VIN number.

My registration has already expired (or is expiring very soon). Can I renew online?

If your registration has expired for less than one months, or is expiring very soon, you may use online renewal. However, you may be ticketed if your vehicle does not display a valid registration and decal with a valid expiration date. Most internet renewal registration documents arrive in the mail in less than two weeks, usually in one week. You must allow for your new registration and plate decal to arrive in the mail. We suggest you go to Town Clerks’ Office or City Tax Collectors Office to renew if your registration if it has expired or is expiring very soon (less than one week) as this is the quickest way to get the registration and renewal sticker for your vehicle.

A regular or custom plate expired more than one year and one day CANNOT be renewed! – You must go to your local municipal office to process your transaction as New.

How much does it cost to renew online?

You will be shown your renewal fee including any convenience fees before being asked to complete the transaction.

How do I pay for my renewal?

Secure payment options available on line vary by municipality and will include at least one of the options listed below:

Credit Card. card brands will vary and may include Visa. MasterCard, Discover and/or American Express

ACH (Automatic Clearing House) – electronic draft from your checking account, valid checking account and routing numbers required E-Check. physical check produced and deposited by the municipality, valid checking account and routing numbers required

Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal

 How will I know my transaction went through ok?

You will receive a payment confirmation to the e-mail address you entered online acknowledging your transaction.

Why do I need a Confirmation Number?

If your online renewal is successful, you should see a confirmation page displaying a Confirmation Number, the fee amount you were charged and other important information about your transaction immediately after submitting payment information. Alternatively, if we are unable to process your transaction, you will see an error message giving an explanation of the problem, along with instructions for resolving the error and a Confirmation Number, if applicable.

In either case, you should write down your Confirmation Number!

Remember … You will need your Confirmation Number if you contact us about your transaction.

Will I get a receipt?

Note … Any confirmation you receive online or by e-mail may be considered a receipt that your transaction has been successfully submitted and payment information was received. This receipt does NOT constitute legal proof of a valid registration. Your only proof your registration is current is the Registration and plate sticker that is mailed to you by your municipal office .

How far in advance may I renew my registration?

You may renew your registration up to 4 months in advance of its expiration date. Your new registration will not expire any earlier as a result. If you try to renew too far in advance, you will receive an error message advising you to renew within the 4-month time frame. *This may vary between municipalities.

Why am I getting an error message telling me that it’s too early to renew?

Be aware that you will also get an error message if you try to submit this transaction after you have already renewed your registration (online, by mail or at an office).

How long will it take to get my new registration?

Please allow at least 2 weeks to receive your new registration and plate decal by mail. Due to variations in mailing time, some orders may take


If you do not receive your new registration documents, you may contact your local municipal office. You will be asked to provide your Log Number when you call. Be aware that any confirmation you receive on line or by e-mail does NOT constitute legal proof of a valid registration. The only legal proof of current registration is the actual registration with a valid expiration date and plate decal that your local municipal office will mail to you.

Can I cancel my online renewal?

No. Once a renewal has been accepted by the Town Clerks’ Office or City Tax Collectors’ Office, it cannot be canceled online. To cancel a registration, you will have come to the Town Clerks’ Office or City Tax Collectors’ Office and request a refund. If you want to cancel the online renewal because your registration has expired and/or you need to have your renewal immediately, you must visit your Town Clerks’ Office or City Tax Collectors’ Office.

If you wish to cancel a registration that has already been renewed then you must take the registration and unused decals to the OMV for a refund. After obtaining the state refund, bring that refund to the Town Clerks’ Office or City Tax Collectors’ Office.

What are the hours to renew on line?

Online registration renewal is normally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most renewals will be processed within 3 business days and mailed. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

How do I register my car if I am moving from another state?

Go to the Town Clerk’s Office.  

You will need to show proof of residency, such as a utility bill, bank account or paycheck which shows your physical address.  A mortgage or local tax bill will not be accepted as proof of residence since it only proves you own property in Lisbon.  You will also need to show photo ID.  If you have the title, you will need that and a current registration for the car.  If there is a lienholder, I will need the name and address of the lien company and the current registration.  You will be asked to fill out a State Residency Statement.

What do I need to register a vehicle 1999 or older?

A bill of Sale that includes seller and buyer information and signatures, VIN, year, make, model and color of vehicle.  You will also need one of the following:  Previous owners registration(not a copy), a valid title or a Verification of VIN Form filled out by a New Hampshire State Police Officer or a local Police Officer.





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