Emergency Management

Scott Champagne


The Emergency Manager is assisted in this duty by the Fire Chief, Police Chief, Highway Supervisor, and Health Officer.

The duties of Emergency Management include:

  • Working closely with the State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to coordinate preparedness, response, and recovery activities for disasters that affect the City.
  • Providing training and resources to the leadership team and employees of the Town to assure that they are prepared to take effective action during an emergency.
  • Reviewing and updating hazard mitigation and emergency operations plans to reflect changing conditions and emerging trends.
  • Participating in training exercises with other Town departments and with other agencies from throughout the state and region to assure a well-coordinated response to major emergencies.
  • Participating with Area Public Health Networks to be prepared for public health emergencies, including infectious disease epidemics and mass sheltering in times of disaster.
  • Educating our citizens through social media, print and electronic news sources, live presentations, and other means on how to prepare for and respond to a disaster.
  • Maintaining a Community Emergency Response Team of citizens who understand how to prepare for a disaster and how to assist their neighbors and their community in preparation and response.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information