Mask Order Form for Businesses

Businesses in need of disposable masks may use the form below to request masks from the State of New Hampshire. Masks are provided to New Hampshire businesses at no cost. It is the responsibility of the business to re-order masks as needed.

The request form is located here

 NH Department of Health and Human Services

Center for Disease Control


COVID-19 PRESS RELEASE #1: Town’s assessors

COVID-19 PRESS RELEASE #2: Virtual Selectmen’s Meeting

COVID-19 PRESS RELEASE #3: Town Hall Reopening




  • Limit travel outside of home
  • Social Distance- 6 feet
  • Wash hands and anything you touch
  • If you develop flu like symptoms go to “” to determine likelihood of contracting the COVID-19 virus by going to the “self-checker”
  • Quarantine 14 days if exposed to someone with COVID-19
  • Isolate if have symptoms until 72 hours after, no symptoms without medication
  • Call Littleton Regional Hospital if you have symptoms at their hot line 603-575-6400 before going to the hospital or dialing 911
  • If a significant life-threatening medical issue or trauma call 911
  • If general questions about anything related to the COVID-19 virus crisis call 211
  • Help others if you are capable-REMEMBERING SOCIAL DISTANCING
  • There is no need to hoard paper products or groceries
  • Stay POSITIVE we will get through this


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information