Conservation Commission


What is a Conservation Commission?

A conservation commission is a group of local volunteers who work to study and protect a town’s natural resources.

Lisbon’s Conservation Commission is working to create a Natural Resource Inventory that will be an important part of the town’s Master Plan. They organize a yearly roadside clean up day in May.




Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission has postponed all meetings for the time being due to the current COVID-19 situation. Thank you for your patience and understanding!!


Address:   c/o The Town of Lisbon, 46 School Street, Lisbon, NH 03585

Phone:      603-838-6376

Fax:           603-838-6790



Rosalind Page  (April 2022)

Robert Cook – Chairperson  (March 2022)

Katrine Barclay (March 2022)

Mark Roberts – Recording Secretary (September 2022)

Betsy Stead (August 2022)


We would like to thank the following community members:
Greg Sevinsky
Sigmund Hudson

Letter reference Wetlands Permit Application, Dalton 01/07/2021



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information