Roadside ditching has been completed on the Mt. Eustis rd.  Now working on Streeter pd. road. The removal of the material from the roadside is necessary to allow for proper drainage. The least amount of standing water on the roads surface allows for longer life of the asphalt. The boys are … [Read more...]

Mon. Oct. 20, 2014

The tail end of last week we finished installing new spreader chains in the truck bodies.  All trucks now initially ready for next season. Storm drains were again checked in village, leaves. Received a call of erosion  on the Plains rd., Wetherbee rd. York raked both. MONDAY Time and bills to … [Read more...]

Wed. 10/15/14

Transmission for van saga continues. Water meter repair notices were dispersed. Repairs and replacements meters scheduled for Thursday. Firewood delivery. Gravel hauled and spread in Jackman neighborhood. Attended monthly dept. head meeting. Budget continues. … [Read more...]


Plow fronts are mounted on all the trucks. Van maintenance continues. Hopper for pick-up at shop for spreader chain installation. Grade portions of the Plains, Brooks, Perch pd. and Sweeney rds.  Haul gravel to Jackman neighborhood, grade. Budget preparation for monthly dept. head meeting … [Read more...]


The transmission for the water van is all reassembled. Installation back into the chassis will occur this week. A multi-function air valve for the brakes on truck #4 was installed, replaced due to age/corrosion. Plow fronts were retrieved from storage at the barn for mounting on the little … [Read more...]

Oct. 10, 2014

  Today we continued to re-build the transmission of the water van. Waiting for a seal for completion on Monday. Delivered salvaged metal to Stockley 's.  Prepared site for the removed box of water van. As the frame is in very bad shape, we now plan to use as storage for wastewater parts. This … [Read more...]


Thank you for taking an interest in the public works dept. My goal of this site is to provide information regarding projects, daily duties and any special events this department may encounter. Questions and opinions will be addressed as time allows.  So, here goes. Today the boys are rebuilding … [Read more...]

October 9, 2014

Good Morning. … [Read more...]

Highway Dept. Reports

Appearing here soon. … [Read more...]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information