The transmission for the water van is all reassembled. Installation back into the chassis will occur this week. A multi-function air valve for the brakes on truck #4 was installed, replaced due to age/corrosion. Plow fronts were retrieved from storage at the barn for mounting on the little trucks.

The wood boiler was started for the first time this fall, all o.k. We will let it go out as warmer weather predicted for later in week.

Chris reviewed and compiled list of water meters in question for future discussion with selectmen.

Monday is our trash pick-up day at town hall, police station, fire station, community field, various trash cans on main street and, on occasion, the library if needed.

Monday is also time and bill day to check and record previous weeks expenditures. Once done, all is taken to the town hall for Sue to present for approval to the selectmen. If all o.k., then gets entered into system for future spreadsheet availability. Working on very early budget numbers for future presentation to selectmen.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information