Town Moderator



The Town is looking for somebody to be appointed as the Town Moderator.

The person must be available Tuesday September 13, 2016; Tuesday November 8, 2016

And Tuesday March 14 2017.  This is for the State Primary Election, the Presidential Election

And Town Meeting.

They will be in charge of the Polling during the day and make sure that the ballots all tally

at end of evening and complete all reports for the State.

At Town Meeting will be in charge  of the Polls and Moderate the actual Town Meeting.


If interested please contact the Town Clerk, Jennifer Trelfa.

All information will be passed to the Supervisors of the Checklist for final decision.


Jennifer Trelfa

Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Phone: (603) 838-2862

Fax: (603) 838-6790

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information