Zoning Board Hearing 03-20-2018

Zoning Board Hearing 03-20-2018 … [Read more...]

Dog Registration

DOG REGISTRATION All dogs four months old and older must be licensed EACH YEAR by April 30th. License Fees: $10.00     Male or Female     7.50     Spayed or Neutered     6.50     Puppies 4-7 Months     2.00    1st Dog for Owner 65 or Older Current rabies certificate … [Read more...]

2018 Consumer Confidence Report, Lisbon Water Department

Lisbon Water Department 2018 Consumer Confidence Report … [Read more...]

Trustees of Trust Funds

The Trustees of the Trust Fund will be holding a meeting on Thursday March 1, 2018 At the Lisbon Town Hall at 1:00 pm. Agenda: To Review, Sign and Submit the MS-9 and MS-10   … [Read more...]

Zoning Board Hearing

Public Notice February 20 2018 … [Read more...]

Second Budget Hearing

There will be a second Town Budget Hearing this evening at 6:00 pm in the Library at the Lisbon Regional School. … [Read more...]

Supervisors of the Checklist

Supervisor session March 3 … [Read more...]

Second Budget Hearing

A second Budget Hearing will take place Monday February 12, 2018 @ 6pm at the Lisbon Regional School Library. … [Read more...]

Zoning Board Hearing Continuation

Public Notice February 6 2018 … [Read more...]

Town Officers – Declaration of Candidacy

  TOWN OF LISBON To the Legal Voters of The Town of Lisbon, NH. If any legal voter of the Town of Lisbon wishes to file their Declaration of Candidacy for the following Town Offices, they may do so between Wednesday January 24, 2018 and Friday February 2, 2018 at the Town … [Read more...]